We all know ourselves, so I can’t marry any actress because there won’t be any trust. Actor Kelvin Chizzy

Kelvin Chizzy, a Nollywood actor and film producer, has made it plain that he cannot wed any of his coworkers due to trust difficulties.

In an interview with Kemi Filani, the Agulu- Anambra State born filmmaker whose full name is Okafor JohnPaul Chizoba was asked if he can marry an actress and he said: “Marriage is something I don’t even want to talk about and No! I cannot marry someone from my industry because the trust won’t be there. We all know ourselves. It’s true actresses hardly stay married because of the nature of their job! Sometimes we film 24 hours Non stop. So, some men who doesn’t understand the job will get jealous, angry and start doubting their wives. Maybe she doesn’t have time for the family. Our business is very demanding and takes a lot of time, understanding and grace of God for someone to stay in marriage.”

In addition to revealing his plans for his followers in 2023, Kelvin Chizzy, better known by the stage moniker Holylambsfilms, also mentioned his upcoming film academy.

He said: “Well, I’m building a film academy, and by the grace of God we will round up this year 2023 .. so people can get admission into the academy to study all departments in film making such as:Directing, acting , make up, continuity , editing , properties and set designing , script writing , sound track engineering , artistic directing and so on.”

You might remember that Holylambsfilms published a video of a black-skinned snake that broke into his house in the middle of the night a few weeks ago.

The actor questioned what it was looking for in his residence as the beast barked its fangs, appearing unfazed by the man’s presence.

In the video, Chizzy can be heard stating, “What did this snake discover for my house. Who sent you? You are crazy, and I will burn you with fuel for it.

The Nollywood star stated that the snake had entered his home by 12 am before burning it.

Chizzy expressed her anger by writing on her Instagram profile, “I say make I publish this one, I been no Dey post before. You Dey come locate your grandfather for my house at midnight, even get the nerve to enter my living room. Ya Malu Ya, Ife Onye Ma.

“Maybe they didn’t explain very well to you, I’m a child of Almighty God. Our Redeemer Liveth we shall live. Son of Chikagba, Only Son Of Okafor, Son of Ezeagha and Offspring of EzeDike. Mgbuo gi, mgbaa Gi Oku … I’m not Capping!”

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