Anita Joseph explains why actors are less wealthy than actresses: “Most of them have sugar daddies.”

Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, has responded to Kunle Remi, a colleague who had questioned why it seems that female colleagues are performing better than male colleagues.

One of his female coworkers, Anita Joseph, responded to his assertions by outlining the benefits she believes women enjoy over men.

“Because the majority of women have ndi Nna Ochie” (Sugar Daddy). In the blog post’s comment area on Instagram, she penned, “Shalom in the highest, biko.

Kunle Remi said on the “Honest Bunch” podcast that there are instances when he travels to a film site and his female coworkers will arrive in more upscale vehicles.

The lead actor in Anikulapo claims that this is unexpected because he is aware of his salary for the film and has some understanding of the salaries of the female actors.

When asked how they can afford to drive costly cars, actresses frequently respond that they have several sources of income, according to Kunle Remi.

The actor said that new actresses may be adversely affected by this image because they will have high expectations and may be disillusioned when they discover that the industry is not at all what it appears.

Why do the women appear to be performing better than the men? This is an excellent question.

“I get to set, I probably drive my normal moderate car then you see your co-actress pull up. Not just pull up o, PULL UP.

“You start looking at it like, I’m a leader right?

“I probably know the budget of the whole film we are doing.

“I know how much I was paid; I have an idea of how much you were paid.

“I’m sweating here and you pull up in a nice car.

“People around see it as though what are you doing differently? What are they doing differently?

“Ladies will tell you; ‘I’m selling hair. I’m doing this. I have multiple streams of income.

“Some people, they have it by mouth, we don’t know exactly what the conversation is.

“Now, the next person coming after you; what are they expecting to get when they get to where you are.

“They expect, this girl is driving this kind of car, that means the industry is booming.

“They come into this thing, give their all, give their best and they are not seeing what you are saying they are doing,” Remi said.

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