Actress Uche Ogbodo sparked controversy on Friday when she went completely naked to celebrate her 33rd birthday. Many

Nigerians who woke up to surf the Instagram were bombarded with unexpected nude pictures of Ogbodo in the name of

celebrating birthday. The controversial actress just reacted to a painting of the same nude pictures done by a fan.

Uche Ogbodo sets the Internet on fire with nude photos for her birthday [TribemenAgency]

She said:

“Oh!, I love this pure Art ! Plz tag the artist. No more Unclad pictures coming on my IG, follow the link on my Bio to See the

remaining Unclad Poses I did but couldn’t get a Chance to post. Thank you for an amazing birthday Gift. I had So much Fun

reading all your wonderful messages & memes. I swear this is the best Birthday Ever.”

Certainly, there was a backlash as many took a swipe at her ‘devilish’ behaviour. An Instagram user by the name jannyandy told

Ogbodo, “Better snap your nakedness madam, you think you can get some one like Regina sugar daddy with this look right.”

It's Friday guys and Uche Ogbodo is setting the tone for the weekend with some really dripping hot and nude photos to mark her birthday [TribesmenAgency]

Another user by the name officialbilly_fundz said: “going naked won’t make you richer than Alakija…this is totally stupidity

from the highest order…. And this is not Happy Birthday this is Happy Naked Day..Omojatijati.”

We don't get to see celebrities go completely nude every day, so when one of them decides to make that daring move, we might as well just applaud their confidence [TribesmenAgency]

According to a user, Ugwu Martha23,“This is old school madam. Sorry cake.”As for an Instagram user, Uche Dorcas,“You and

the people that are clapping for you and liking this rubbish are mad.”

Uche Ogbodo's latest photos might be received with mixed reactions but we loveeeee them [TribemenAgency]

An Instagram user by the name daddiezboo4 said “So you can’t celebrate your birthday without going nude? Congratulations

for attracting negative attention.”

S3x without orgasm is a wasted energy – Actress, Uche Ogbodo

Also a user by the name, realbetapikin, stated: “You are celebrating your birthday with nude appearance, going totally nude

here is what you are using to thank God for adding another year to you May God have mercy on you.”

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Uche Ogbodo has always been in the news for one controversy or the other. Just recently, she asked Nigerian women to make

sure they realise when to quit their marriage. She went on to say marriage was not a do or die affair and that any woman who is

not happy with her marriage should get a divorce.

Image result for uche ogbodo goes nude

When asked if she feels she made a mistake with leaving her relationship she said “I’m happy it (the relationship) didn’t work

out. I’m not an advocate for people staying in a relationship they are not happy in. If you are not happy, go away. It is not a do

or die affair. You don’t have to die in marriage. If it is no longer convenient for you, walk away. Don’t care what people are

going to say; just move on, it’s your life. There are other means of happiness lined up somewhere. So, come on, move on girl!”

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In February, she came out to state that having sxx is good but reaching ultimate satisfaction is greater. According to her, sxx

without reaching the greater heights is a waste of energy.

Related image

She wrote:

Image result for uche ogbodo goes nude

“Having Sxx is good ! But Having An ‘gasm is greater ! Give A Woman An ‘gasm! ? I always feel like good sxx without ‘gasm is

wasted energy. Hehehe don’t blame me but really what’s the point? To go all that way and not get to the promise land!

Eeeewww! I have also come to find out that most women don’t even know what an ‘gasm  is in the first place, really Sad! . . . .. I

am no sxx Teacher, or Discover your Body teacher but please don’t be SHY, find someone who can help you discover what an

‘gasm is ,if you are in the 18 – 100 age range ooo not for minors.”

Source: Nairaland

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