If your son puts you above his wife, you have failed in your role as a mother. — Comedian Craze Clown

On Sunday, January 15, the comedian who wed his wife Jojo in September 2021 posted this contribution to Twitter.

Crazeclown, a renowned stage name of Nigerian comedian Emmanuel Iwueke, has said that a mother has failed if her son puts her before his wife.

On Sunday, January 15, 2023 the husband and father of one—who wed his wife Jojo in September 2021—posted this on Twitter.

He tweeted,

“As a Mother, if your son prioritize you over his wife then you’ve failed as a Mother. ”

His statement attracted a range of responses on social media, with some people agreeing with him and others disagreeing with his justifications.

@aideofaustralia wrote, “Sir please rest, with the rate of divorce these days, tell me why one shouldn’t prioritise his mum…”

@kingsirdams wrote, “A good mother will tell you your wife first and a good wife will also tell you mother first. Situation will determine who’ll come first between the both”

@totful_emanuels wrote, “None of them is supposed to be prioritized over another, they have their places and they’re not supposed to be replaced or interchanged. Wife is also a mother and a mother is a wife too.”

wrote, “I don’t think this is hard, people seem not to understand him…u love both but order of priority! My Dad placed my mum 1st above any other person, I place my wife 1st! I love them both but my wife comes 1st! He is right!”

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