Singer Brymo apologizes once more for his ‘bigoted’ remarks towards Igbos, saying, “I did not mean to do harm.

The “Ara” singer begged anyone who had been hurt by his “bigoted spewings” for forgiveness.

Brymo, a Nigerian artist who goes by the stage name Lawale Lfr and whose “bigoted” comments against the Igbo tribe caused an internet outrage, has apologized numerous times.

Recall that the musician, who backs Bola Ahmed Tinubu for president of the APC, said he would prefer an ill president over an Igbo leader who may throw the nation into anarchy.

The Igbos, especially those who favor Peter Obi, took offense to this statement and started a petition to have him removed from consideration for the AFRIMA award.

When the matter was brought up on his Instagram live on Friday, January 13, Brymo, who had previously refused to address it, ultimately apologized.

The “Ara” singer claims that the whole situation began when he learned that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had turned down several national awards in order to accept a chieftaincy title in her community.

He said that this behavior was odd since it implied that the Igbo people themselves were not motivated by national recognition.

Brymo apologized to everyone he had hurt and clarified that his thoughtless word choice implied that he was uninterested in the subject.

The musician has since apologized for his “bigoted spewings” and said he didn’t mean to insult anyone in a new tweet that was posted online.

The singer tweeted;

“Forgive my assertions that came across as bigoted spewings against the Igbo tribe, I did not mean to do harm, I am sorry!!”

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