Angry mob set ablaze a guy who among his 3 gangs invaded a church, stealing some valuables.
It was reported according to Naija News, that the guy was among the three guys who invaded the church in the area. The three suspected thieves have seen to have completed their agenda and was about to leave the area when they were surrounded by a mob.

Upon apprehension, two of the suspected thieves fled for their lives but the victim of jungle stood courageously with the belief that his charm would save him from the hands of the angry mob and that nothing they do would affect him.

The angry mob, upon seeing his undeterred courage in the face of death, launched out to fetch used car tires from the street, throwing it around his neck, the rushed to get  gallon filled with Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise known as fuel, water him with the inflammable substance, lit him up with a match stick.

Held in total shock, the angry mob watched in utmost surprise how the courageous charmed with juju burnt in their presence to death. Against his claim, his charm could not save him from the furiousness of the fire that engulfs his entire body and turned him black all over, with his dried body left on the roadside.

Reports according to Naija News revealed that the Police arrived the scene, the suspect has already died from the burning furnace of the fire that was lit on him. As of the time of the report, it was recorded that the remains of the suspect’s body whose name and identity is unknown have been cleared off the road.

An eye witness, who experienced the ordeal revealed on his Twitter page, @oouchills said;
“This thief was burnt to death this morning in my area, here in Somolu. They were 3 who came all the way from Oshodi to rob a church very early this morning on their way leaving pushing the stolen items, people sighted them and 2 of them flee away and this very guy stood with confidence while people were getting close think his juju will save him.

But unfortunately his juju couldn’t save him from petrol and fire, later the police and ambulance came cleaned him up and took him away.”

Jungle justice is fast becoming a thing of the norm with Nigerians, due to the rampant crime rate in the nation, Nigerians prefer to take laws into their hands, as fast as they could.

But then the Nigeria Police has continually requested that the public notice the nearest police force that appropriate action be taken on the victim or suspect.
Source: Naija News

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