“We’re sorry” – Chrisland breaks silence on Whitney’s autopsy report

Whitney Adeniran, who died from hypoxia and electrocution, has now received an apology from the management of Chrisland School for its silence in the matter.

The administration of the school also denied the rumour that Chrisland School intended to exhume the body of its deceased student.

In a statement released on Sunday, the school administration said it was aware of the developments surrounding the autopsy report on the tragic death of Whitney Adeniran, one of its students. It also apologised sincerely to the school and the media for its initial silence due to shock and moral propriety.

“We are deeply saddened and sorry about Whitney’s death. We are remorseful and sorry to Whitney’s parents. We are sorry to our parents and the entire community that hosts our school. We are also very sorry to the nation at large. It was a huge loss to the school.

“We express equal measure of apology to the Nigeria Media, another critical stakeholder, in case we have sent unbearably quiet signals. We have been quiet because this was death so shocking, we opted more for introspection and moral rectitude rather than strutting around the Media space to seize narratives.

“Moreso, we considered it imperative to allow the parents and indeed the entire Adeniran family the honour of their privacy as we all mourn this unfortunate loss. Whitney Adeniran was a bright and lovely student. She was popular and friendly. Her memory lives with us.

“We hereby vehemently refute the claim making the rounds that Chrisland School intends to exhume Whitney’s body. We have no such plan and assure the public that we are also parents in mourning and will not do or subscribe to anything that paints such insensitive optics that prevents our dear daughter from resting.

“We assure you all that no such thing will happen. Rather than do this, plans are underway to immortalize Whitney’s name so she can remain indelible in our consciousness. This is without prejudice to the ongoing Corona inquest but it is a honour we owe her,” the school said.

It added that while not pre-empting the investigation, the school wishes to state that the management understands and appreciates the outpouring of emotions from the unfortunate incident, adding that it had adopted the caution of quiet sobriety and has refrained from responding to every issue on social media because of its conviction that Whitney’s memory is better served with moral rectitude and a sober introspection.

“Responding to every sensation or misinformation peddled, therefore, does not serve this purpose and we, therefore, continue to uphold restraint. Unfortunately this quiet is coming with regrettable, misconstrued conclusions.

“Nonetheless, Chrisland Schools will continue to cooperate with the authorities throughout the duration of the investigations, and also offer the parents every necessary support in this grieving period.

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