A Nigerian guy explains how he prevents himself from cheating on his wife: “My wife has signed into my email and social media accounts.”

Joshua advised males to use extreme caution if they wanted to be true to their wives.

Joshua Kesena, a Nigerian man, explained the lengths he takes to resist temptations that might cause him to cheat on his wife.

Joshua disclosed on Twitter that he set images of his wife and kids as the background on all of his devices to serve as a continual reminder of what would be lost if he cheated.

He also disclosed that his wife has access to his phone, social media accounts, and email, making it impossible for him to cheat secretly.

Joshua said that men who desire to be true to their wives must be extremely cautious, citing the various precautions he took to avoid engaging in adultery.

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“To be honest, the way this world is set up, any man who wants to be faithful to his wife has to be somewhat extra. This isn’t a rule of thumb but I have put certain parameters in place to make sure alarms go off if the temptation is too close for comfort.

An image of what is at stake is always on my mind. My smartwatch, phone, laptop and WhatsApp DP, and chat wallpaper is always a picture of my wife or my wife and daughter. This reminds me that their huge smiles can turn upside down with just one mistake.

I am Accountable to my wife. She is signed into my email account, my social media accounts and she has the password to my phone. Anywhere that the temptation wants to come from in an online form, e no fit hide. sin thrives in secrecy.

I make sure to bring up my wife in every conversation I have with the opposite sex. If the relationship is the counseling type, the person must know my wife. Every counseling session must take place with my wife close by. If she’s unavailable that day, counselling won’t hold.

I relax by watching Chelsea FC thrash everyone else, my wife relaxes by watching Rom Coms. I taught my wife everything about soccer, she taught me everything about why rom-coms are not cringe-worthy. Now we both enjoy being part of each other’s hobbies

This has helped us spend more time together as friends who really enjoy each other’s company. She’s a Chelsea FC Stan now and can converse in fluent “Soccer-nese” and I really, REALLY enjoy rom-coms.

Most importantly, I love my wife. I love everything about her. I don’t want to not have this much access into her personal space. So I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure I don’t lock myself out just because of lust. She’s worth more to me than a cheap thrill.”

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