Youtuber Emdee Tiamiyu apologizes to Nigerians for being dragged over a BBC interview, saying, “I am deeply sorry.”

Emdee has issued a public apology to anyone who was hurt by the statements he made during the interview.

Emdee Tiamiyu, a Nigerian YouTuber, has apologized to Nigerians after being vilified over a recent interview he gave to BBC News.

According to a previous report, the UK-based Youtuber said the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in an interview that Nigerians utilize MSc as a ruse to enter the UK.

He claims that his countrymen are merely interested in moving to the UK with their family and have no real interest in school or the certificate.

“The student route is more like an answered prayer. It is a big bracket that’s able to take a lot of people, the ordinary people. We’re beginning to see that a lot of people just hide behind the studentship. So the student thing is not real, it’s not like they need the degrees,” he said.

The interview video gained popularity soon after the UK Home Office prohibited foreign students seeking degrees less than a PhD from bringing dependents.

Many Nigerians found Emdee’s claims to be offensive, and they criticized him for making careless remarks on a global stage.

Emdee has officially apologized to everyone who was upset by the statements he made in the interview as a result of the criticism. He claimed that after giving his statements some thought, he chose to apologize.

He claims that he did not intend to harm the reputation of Nigerians and that he just consented to the interview in order to draw attention to the grievances of the Black community in the UK.

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