Youths in Benin object to Bobrisky’s presence in their state, saying, “He is a bad influence.”

Young people protested in the streets over the crossdresser’s proposed comeback.

Following his alleged disrespect to the Oba of Benin, popular crossdresser Bobrisky has been the target of numerous protests by the country’s youth.

When the celebrity quipped in a video last year that the Oba of Benin should come and marry him, it sparked a lot of uproar and fury.

Many young people in Benin have labeled him as someone who is not good enough, viewing this as a disrespect to their culture.

As word got out about the crossdresser’s intended return to the state for an event, many young people rushed to the streets to demonstrate their opposition.

They were saw holding signs that read, “Bobrisky is a bad influence; we don’t want him in our state,” or similar statements expressing their displeasure.

See some responses to their demonstration below.

King_weba wrote: “You see poverty and illiteracy is a problem in Nigeria, that’s why the govt can call us jobless Nigeria youth all this isn’t necessary Abeg”

klassy_peace remarked: “I don’t understand…with everything going on now How is this important …rubbish”

Evablaze41 stated: “See them jobless youths country nor hard reach where Una Dey Abi?

adorable_joan wrote: “Make Una protest for your bad roads to be fixed.”

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