You’re A Married Woman – Netizens Shame Toyin Abraham For Allowing Sydney Talker Hug Her ‘Inappropriately

Following a contentious video with Instagram comic Sydney Talker, Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has drawn online ire.

The two entertainers decided to strike up a conversation after running into each other in the street. But what caught people’s attention was the way Sydney held her, which many felt was inappropriate.

Toyin was then shamed for allowing the sketch creator to hug her suggestively in spite of the fact that she is married to Kola Ajeyemi, a fellow employee.

A picture of the hug is going viral on social media, and it has people talking, with some criticising Toyin and others defending her.

Fans who believed that the actress ought to have scolded Sydney for his behaviour called the actress all kinds of insults.


Drpenking said; This is d1sgusting. May God keep these kind of wife away from me

nonnyjella; There is nothing wrong with this video for goodness sake

tricia.s.m; Women wey dey defend this post, if na married man dey this position wey young single fine packaged babe dey hug like this, all of una go dey shout say the man nor respect him wife. Why are we like this na?

ogunsjummy0116; Toyin can do no wrong in my eyes😍 more so there’s nothing wrong in this video.

ella_gure; Dirty minds…everything is abominable till they get to know their hidden secrets..hypocrisy is a disease…all married women should wear body armors so they won’t be hugged

unique_kiddies20; I really don’t see anything wrong here, if Sydney had walk pass her nd jst said only hello to her…una go still talk…make una rest abeg😡

adelakuntufayl; This is giving us a mother-son relationship vibes but let people learn to mind their business though

emp_boston9876; But they are doing more than this when acting movies 😂 Awon Internet Judges

1hundredper_scent; He who is without sin is always the first to cast the stone. 🚶

chokish_01; Una nor get sense for this country… na wa ooo

bossman_burner; Werey plenty for this country sha.I blame the government wey no take mental health seriously for this country.How this one take concern.If she likes she can even back him.Do you know if it’s the husband recording the video.Using Panadol for other people’s headache.

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