“Your level of strength is important to me every time we speak,” May Yul Edochie receives accolades from Sonia Ogiri.

Sonia Ogiri, an actress and social media influencer residing in the US, has praised May Edochie for her courage in dealing with the loss of her son, Kambi, on social media.

Sonia said that even though May had suffered a great loss, she had remained upbeat and supportive of her other children, and that was admirable.

Sonia commented that making noise was cheap and uncouth in response to Yul Edochie’s and his second wife Judy’s recent social media activity, including their recently released prenatal photoshoot.

She wrote;

“Each time we speak, is your level of strength and positivity for me. Pain of a mother.

Noisemaking is cheap and isn’t classic.

May the LORD GOD beautify your life and continuously shine his light on you and your kids @mayyuledochie”.

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