‘Your Fasting Is In Vain’ – Cleric Tells Election Riggers, Yahoo Boys

The clerics, the Chief Imam of the University of Abuja, Prof. Taofik Azeez, and the Missioner, Islamic Youth League (IYL), Abeokuta, Ustadh Jubril Awwal, said this in an interview with The Punch on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

The clerics said anyone that uses diabolical means to steal people’s money has committed a sin and their ill-gotten wealth can’t be purified through contribution to a religious course.

According to the Abuja Chief Imam, unrepentant Yahoo Boys are wasting their time by fasting during Ramadan.

The Imam, who is also the Chief Missioner, Dawah Front of Nigeria, further said that if an internet fraudster used proceeds of their crime to construct a mosque, it would not be accepted.

Speaking to The Punch, the cleric said: “It is a sin. They steal people’s money through diabolical means. Even, if they spend their money to build mosques, Allah is not going to accept it, because Allah is pure and is not accepting anything except what is pure.

“Yahoo boys, kidnappers are fasting in vain. They must repent and they must not return to their business after Ramadan.

Similarly, the IYL Missioner in his own remarks said elections riggers and Yahoo Boys are fasting in vain.

He said: “The month of Ramadan is to get the fear of Allah. The essence of Ramadan is to fear Allah.

“If someone has been involved in immoral acts, there is no way his fast can be accepted except he repents.

The paper also quoted the Imam of Liberty Mosque in Abeokuta, Ustadh Rasheed Adeyanju, as warning election riggers and Yahoo Boys against wasting their time by observing Ramadan.

Ustadh Rasheed’s words: “These people, Yahoo boys and election riggers are bad people and are not friends of Allah.

“They have made people suffer with their actions. Their fasting is a waste of time except they stop the act and repent.”

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