Young Women in Kenyan University Donate Their Eggs For Cash

Young women in Kenyan tertiary institutions are offering to donate their eggs to fertility clinics for money.

The price attached to egg donation is a tempting offer that most ladies cannot reject, especially in these times of financial hardship.

Fertility experts estimate that about twenty per cent of couples are unable to conceive due to fertility challenges making egg donation their only option for their dream of having a baby to materialize.

Dr. Sarita Sukhija, a consultant gynaecologist and fertility expert who runs Myra Fertility Clinic in Westlands, disclosed that since opening the clinic in 2022, there has been an influx of calls especially from ladies in the university seeking to “sell their eggs”.

Dr. Sarita Sukhija revealed that most of the ladies are motivated by money with compensation ranging between 60,000 and 70,000 Kenyan shillings for female donors.

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