Young Nigerian Lady Shows Off Sugar Daddy As She Tells His Children To ‘Forget School Fees (Video)

A young Nigerian woman who flaunted the married men she claimed to be in a relationship with online has raised eyebrows.

She hinted in a message to his children that they shouldn’t worry about paying their school fees because he is spending all of his money on her.

In a video that has been going around the internet, Chinaza Slim, a woman, was dancing in a room while a man touched her behind.

She acknowledged that she did not know his children, but said that in addition to the chance that they would not receive money for the upcoming semester’s tuition, they also would not receive the funds they anticipated to pay for off-campus housing.

Chinaza could be spotted with a wedding ring so it raised questions about whether she is married to the man in question or cheating on her husband with him.

She captioned; “I don’t know whose dad this is but forget your school fees and lodge rent for this semeter”

Watch the Video below

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