Young African Lady whose Lecturer told she is not good enough proves her wrong, graduates from both Oxford and Harvard

Vee Kativhu, a brilliant and well-liked African-American lady, graduated from the esteemed Oxford and Harvard universities in the United States despite being told by her teacher that she is not good enough.

Vee, an African woman from Zimbabwe, said on Linkedin that her high school teacher had advised her against applying for undergraduate admission to the University of Oxford in England because she believed she wouldn’t be accepted due to her poor academic performance.

“5 years ago my teacher told me I shouldn’t even bother applying to Oxford for my undergrad because I wasn’t ‘good enough,” she narrated.

She claimed that five years after her teacher’s comment, she had graduated with a master’s degree in international education policy from Harvard University in Massachusetts, the United States, and a bachelor’s degree in classical archaeology and ancient history from Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Vee claimed that her teacher’s prediction that she would be demoted was false because she has already been given permission to start her PhD at Harvard University. Vee proudly shared her triumph on Linkedin.

“I’ve been accepted for my PhD studies starting fall 2023,” she stated.

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