Young African Lady who won over $1m scholarship award to US university has graduated as among top 10 in her set

After earning multiple scholarships, Somiah Aseda, a young and intelligent woman from Ghana, graduated with honors from the University of Houston in Texas, the United States.

Somiah graduated with a stellar 3.90 grade point average out of a possible 4, making her one of the top students in her class and earning a Bachelor’s degree.

She celebrated her accomplishment by posting pictures of herself on social media wearing her graduation gown from the University of Houston. She said that the reason she was admitted to each of the ten American universities to which she applied was because of her brilliance.

“I’m here to publicly thank God for my academic accomplishments. acceptances from all 10 schools that I applied to,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also revealed that while she was a student at the University of Houston in Texas, she was awarded various scholarships totaling $1 million.

“A million dollars in scholarships & grants,” she added.

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