“You said you’ve moved on yet you ran to court to say I’m in South Africa with a man” Business woman, Sandra Iheuwa, calls out her ex for refusing to let her be

Sandra Iheuwa, a businesswoman, has resorted to social media to criticise her ex for not letting her be.

"You said you

Sandra, who is said to be dating musician Morachi, claimed in a post on her Instagram page this evening that one of her ex-boyfriends, who had used social media to humiliate her, had gone to court today to claim that she was in South Africa with another man and that he was fondling her butt there.

Asking the man to let her be, Sandra wrote;

‘’Na you say you no want, you say I be bad person, na you say you don move on…..na you come disgrace me for social media….but you run go court today say I dey in South African with man even mentioned the man’s name say the man dey press my ynash for social media even saying I be gold digger which gold you get I dey dig? damn if I do, damn if I don’t….This is toxic and draining. I’m tired!!!!!”

"You said you

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