“You Don Forget Say Your Brother Pikin Die”: Cubana Chiefpriest Joins Pastor Tobi’s UK Birthday Celebration

While the singer and the mother of his late son are still quietly grieving, some of Davido’s people looked to have moved on after the shocking loss of his son Ifeanyi, which shook everyone both domestically and internationally.

Pastor Tobi and his friends

The celebrations for celebrity preacher Tobi Adegboyega’s birthday today, November 11, have been postponed, he revealed earlier on social media.

Pastor Tobi along with his pals
Reactions to the video of Pastor Tobi celebrating his birthday that the Cubana Chiefpriest shared.

Adegboyega was seen in a video from socialite Cubana Chiefpriest with his people in the UK and a fleet of cars as the bartender hailed him, proving the contrary.

The clergyman was driving while others were riding in the opposite part of the video.

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