World’s ‘rarest chimpanzee’ born at UK zoo to be named after famous rock star

The birth of the rarest chimpanzee in the world, which will be named after a rock star and was born in a UK zoo, has been welcomed by conservationists.

Chester Zoo expressed their extreme pride “since it provides a “vital boost” to a severely endangered species, it is appropriate to welcome the unusual animal.

The baby boy, who was born to mother ZeeZee, is apparently doing well and developing a close bond with her. He is currently settling in to the enclosure with the other 22 chimpanzees.

Chester Zoo’s team manager, Andrew Lenihan, said: “We’re overjoyed to have a brand-new, adorable infant in the chimpanzee tribe.

Mum ZeeZee and her new baby bonded right away, and she is doing a fantastic job of lovingly cradling and caring for him.

The new chimps are bonding with each other in their Chester home as a “birth always creates a lot of excitement in the group,” Lenihan said, adding that “raising a youngster soon becomes a real extended family affair”.

He said: “You’ll often see the new baby being passed between other females who want to lend a helping hand and give ZeeZee some well-deserved rest, and that’s exactly what her daughter, Stevie, is doing with her new brother.

“It looks as though she’s taken a real shine to him, which is great to see.”

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