Woman Tracked Cheating Husband and His Mistress Before Hitting Them With Car

A spurned woman tracked down her cheating husband and his lover before hitting them on a roadside with her car.

Christie Lee Kennedy used a phone locater app to trace her husband of 10 years’ whereabouts after discovering he was being unfaithful in March 2021.

The app managed to locate husband David Larkin who was chatting with lover Zowie Noring on a roadside in a suburb of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

A Brisbane court heard how raging mum-of-two Kennedy put her foot down, accelerating towards the couple on the wrong side of the road “for some time”.

After driving into them, Kennedy then proceeded to get out and grab Ms Noring by the hair, punching her and screaming insults.

Kennedy walked free from court on Monday after a judge suspended her sentence.

A jury failed to reach a decision on two counts of assault while armed, resulting in a retrial being ordered, but Kennedy instead pleaded guilty to the lesser dangerous driving charge.

She was also found not guilty of two counts of malicious acts with intent to disable, and had earlier pleaded guilty to an assault charge stemming from the same incident.

Kennedy was sentenced on Monday to a nine-month suspended jail sentence, disqualified from driving for nine months and ordered to pay Larkin and Noring $5000 each.

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