Woman shot dead while performing oral sex

A lady suspected of shooting the other woman in the head while the victim was engaging in a sex act on her partner was invited to participate in a threesome with her baby daddy and another woman.


The victim’s jaw clamped down on the man’s genitals while she was dying, leaving him with severe penile wounds. He was heavily bleeding when police in Milwaukee, US, arrived on the scene.

In the wee hours of September 11, Michelle Silas, 30, came home to find her children’s father having sex with another woman. Fox6 reported that the victim’s name is Destiny Carter, 22.

The man reportedly persuaded Michelle Silas to join them while their three children were still sleeping inside the home.


Michelle Silas

Michelle is then alleged to have shot Destiny Carter as she performed a sex act on the man.

According to Newsweek, police were in the area investigating an unrelated incident when they heard “what sounded like people screaming at each other”.

When they arrived at the scene they found the man bleeding profusely from his genitals, naked and outside the property while attempting to stop Silas leaving. He was approaching a reversing van with a gun in his hand, according to the criminal complaint filed with the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County.

When police approached, Michelle exited the vehicle and the man reportedly unloaded the gun and threw it to the ground.

Michelle Silas has since been charged with intentional first-degree homicide.

The man told police he arrived at Michelle’s home at around 2am to find she was not in. Despite their three children being asleep in the property, he decided to invite Destiny Carter over. She arrived at around 4am.

He said they “sat in the living room talking, and then they went into the bedroom.”

Michelle is said to have arrived home and found the door locked. The man then let her in, told her about having sex with Destiny Carter and invited Michelle to join.

He went back to having sex with Destiny, which is when Michelle is alleged to have shot her in the back of the head. Michelle reportedly then got her kids and was about to leave when police arrived.

According to his statement contained in the complaint, the man checked on Destiny before picking up the gun Michelle had left.


Victim, Destiny Carter

Michelle Silas reportedly admitted to cops that she “shot the girl that’s upstairs” but claimed she “didn’t mean to shoot”. 

She appeared in court on Friday, September 15, when her bond was set at $100,000.

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