Woman releases chat with married neighbor who declares love for her in her DM “I saw you in my dream”

A married neighbor in Nigeria who had an odd dream about her sent her messages, which she shared with other people.

She said that her neighbor had tried to flirt with her over WhatsApp but that she had declined.

The woman’s neighbor, who also shares a compound with her, confessed to her that he had love for her and decided to be upfront about it after having a dream about her.

He claimed that he had seen her in his dream as she arrived to borrow his gas stove so that she could make a supper.

The man went on to say that someone had explained the dream to him and that it signified their compatibility.

“I saw you in my dream you came to borrow gas cooker to cook. And I ask someone about the dream, they told me we are going to have something together to do”, he said.

Read the chats below:

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