Woman Ordered To Pay Over N1m For Breaking Marriage Promises To Ex Husband

A court in Uganda has declared that a Kanungu District woman should pay her fiancee over N1m as compensation for refusing to marry him.

According to court papers seen by Legit.ng on Ivan Bwowe Twitter pageRichard Tumwine and Fortunate Kyarikunda fell in love in 2015 and then entered into a promise to marry agreement in 2018.

Tumwine, who teaches at Kiringa Primary School, told the court that he supported Kyarikunda financially which includes sponsoring her for a diploma in law course at the Law Development Center (LDC).

He told the court that he spent more than one million naira on the course.

According to Magistrate Asanasio Mukoi the promise to marry was never fulfilled by Kyarikunda and, therefore, it was detrimental to her boyfriend.

That was what made him entitled to a re-reimbursement of the money spent on her. Mukobi also ordered Kyarikunda to pay Tumwine N125k for general damages, inconvenience, as well as mental anguish.

Kyarikunda was also ordered to pay the legal cost incurred by ex-fiance in the case.

“I note, from the exhibit, several mobile money transfer transactions from the plaintiff’s cell phone in names of Richard Tumwine to the defendant’s cell phone in names of Fortunate Kyarikunda,” the magistrate observed.
The court was told that Kyarikunda rejected Tumwine by saying that her parents did not want her to marry an older man.

“This is equally unreasonable, a misrepresentation and a fraud. In any case, the defendant had all the opportunity to reject the plaintiff’s love requests at the earliest point possible and avoid interfering with his financial obligations,” ruled the court.
The two teachers had slated their introduction ceremony for February 2022 but it didn’t take place and there was no reasonable explanation.

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