Woman left heartbroken after her double-D breast implants burst through her chest after undergoing cheap boob job (photos)

A woman has spoken openly about how her breast implant came out of her chest weeks after an unsuccessful procedure in Turkey, leaving her distraught and depressed.

More than 20 years after her initial boob operation, Kelly Young of New Malden, Greater London, paid £3,700 for the treatment in September.

The 48-year-old chose a low-cost facility in Turkey that she promptly discovered without doing much investigation.

Woman left heartbroken after her double-D breast implants burst through her chest after undergoing?cheap?boob?job (photos)

After her stitches came undone and left a hole that allowed the implant and pus to leak out, the mother-of-two had to make two further trips and pay an additional £2,500.

Despite going under the knife for extra procedures, her implants became infected and had to be removed, leaving her with ‘lots of scarring’ and a ‘flat chest’.

Her right implant ruptured in 2018, which she said caused her breast to go ‘to the side more than the other one’ when she lay down.

Desperate to get her body back in shape, after ‘waiting years to have it done’, she decided to have her implants replaced as well as an uplift. 

She picked a clinic in Turkey ‘quickly’ so she could join a friend who was already planning to jet out for a dental procedure.

Admitting to not doing much research beforehand, Ms. Young said she picked the clinic because it was ‘the cheapest place to go to get it done’. 

Ms. Young added: ‘When I got back, my daughter went to change my dressing and said the stitches had come undone and it was weeping.

‘My doctor said it was infected and put me on antibiotics. I was seeing the district nurses every day to keep an eye on it and dress it. It started oozing more and getting bigger.

‘They had to pack wadding inside the hole daily to stop it getting bigger then they couldn’t do anymore. 

‘It was too big and getting worse everyday so I had to go to A&E.’

She added: ‘It was a great big hole. I wouldn’t look at it, I didn’t want to know. It was literally hanging out.’ 

Despite being advised by an NHS breast surgeon not to fly back to Turkey, she jetted back in November for revision surgery. 

‘I had to get on the plane with my implant hanging out, I was frightened’, Ms Young said. 

After her second operation, there was a ‘whole load’ of blood coming from her surgery wound. But her surgeon advised her ‘it was normal’ and would remain this way ‘for a few more days’, she claimed, so chose to fly home.

When Ms Young got back to the UK, she found a second hole that got bigger every day.

‘I was sick of having holes in my boobs and having them dressed every day,’ she said.

She was told by a UK breast surgeon that the second set of implants — put in as part of her revision surgery had become infected and she should have waited at least six months from her first procedure before undergoing further implant treatment. 

Ms. Young decided to fly back to Turkey in December for the third time in three months.

But doctors there told her that there was ‘nothing they could do’. They removed the implants and advised her not to have any further implants or an uplift.

Ms Young said: ‘He said I had very little breast and some sagging skin and that was it. I went home because I was depressed out there.’

After having the implants removed, Ms. Young revealed she has now been prescribed antidepressants and is looking for another surgeon to fix the damage as her confidence has been shattered. 

‘I’m very unhappy with them, I feel like a 12-year-old again. I don’t let my boyfriend see me, everyone knows me with my boobs,’ she said. 

‘I’ve got three lots of scarring with a flat chest. I feel like a different person.

‘I have to get them done, I wouldn’t be able to wear a bikini – summer would be a nightmare.’

Ms. Young added: ‘People need to do research, look at all the complications that can occur and make sure they don’t pay in cash because if you pay by card you have more rights.’

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