Woman Jailed⛓ for 25 Yrs for Killing Husband Over Infidelity😳

A woman will serve 25 years in jail for murdering her husband.

Maureen Chemutai Ongeri, 29, stabbed John Openda, 30, in the chest with a kitchen knife on May 8, last year. The two had quarreled over alleged infidelity. The incident occurred at their Kasagam home in Kisumu East.

Chemutai broke down after Kisumu Principal Magistrate Joan Wambilyanga sentenced her yesterday after she was found guilty of manslaughter.
Despite Chemutai’s pleas for leniency, the magistrate said whereas the murder might not have been premeditated, the offence was heinous and warranted the sentence handed to her.

“Following the seriousness of the offence, I, under Section 202 as read with Section 205, find the accused guilty deserving a jail sentence of 25 years,” said Mr Wambilyanga.

The magistrate said Chemutai beat up Openda before knifing him.

Source: standard media

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