Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy Without Knowing She Was Pregnant For 9-months

Marcs McEntire recently shared her incredible story of how she gave birth to a baby boy without even knowing that she was pregnant for the full nine months.

The story was shared by the New York Post.McEntire reportedly experienced stomach pains, which she initially believed to be a simple bellyache.

However, the pain persisted, and it became worse over time. Eventually, she went to the bathroom, and to her surprise, she gave birth to a full-term baby boy.

In an interview, McEntire said, “I looked down in the toilet, and he is in there with water up to his ears and right under his chin, just looking back up at me, like, ‘Are you going to get me out of here mom?’”

She had no idea that she was carrying a child and was shocked to discover that she had given birth. McEntire also stated that she had not noticed any signs of pregnancy, and had only gained a small amount of weight.

She said, “I just looked like maybe I ate a big burrito. If you saw my size and the way that I didn’t show, it’s astonishing how he could be in there and me not know it.” She had even visited a doctor when she was experiencing stomach pain, but the doctor did not detect the pregnancy.

Her father, Kevin, had also seen her in pain but did not realize that she was carrying a baby. He said, “Every 20 minutes, I would hear her in a lot of pain. Then it got a little shorter between distances…Now I know it was contractions — but at the time, we didn’t have a clue.

“After the baby was born, Kevin snatched his grandson out of the toilet and cleaned his airways so he could breathe. They called 911, and the family waited in terror for 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Thankfully, the doctors who examined both McEntire and her baby confirmed that they were both healthy and in good condition.

It remains a mystery as to how McEntire managed to carry the baby to full term without realizing she was pregnant.

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