Woman Chops Off Husband’s Private Part

A woman, Bira Joy, has chopped off her husband’s genital in a domestic fight.

According to police, Bira and husband Benson Baluku had gone out for a drink in bar on Sunday, when she received a call which left the man suspecting that she was talking another man.

The couple left the bar and went home, where fighting ensued after the husband accused her of having an extra marital affair with the person whom he said was man who called her while they were drinking in the bar.

During the fight on Sunday morning Bira 26 years old, picked a knife and cut off husband’s penis.

The 34 year old Baluku , bled profusely and was later pronounced dead upon arrival at Mulago national referral hospital.

The incident happened in Nabisalu zone, in Makindye division where couple resided.

Fred Enanga police spokesman revealed that while at the Lake side mental hospital, Biira will be subjected to a thorough mental check u to ascertain whether or not she committed the offense while she was in the right frame of mind at the time she committed the crime.

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