Woman Catches Maid With Urine, Menstrual Blood Which She Allegedly Wanted To Pour In Her Children Water Bottle

A woman caught her maid with urine and menstruation blood which she allegedly wanted to pour in her children’s water bottle has been shared online.

In the viral clip, the distraught mother is seen interrogating the maid after she caught her with the body fluid.

She recounted how she employed the girl in December last year, and bought new underwears and sanitary towels for her.

She also disclosed that she personally burns the girl’s sanitary pad after her menstrual cycle, and does most of the chores in the house to avoid overworking the girl.

According to her, the maid has poor hygiene and rarely takes her bathe and brush her teeth, with the excuse that they always leave home too early.

She said she had to ask her to stop sleeping in her children’s room due to the stench and how she stains the beddings with blood.

She said in spite of everything she does for the girl, she paid her back by trying to ‘poison’ her children.

According to her, she woke up around 1am on Tuesday night, March 14, and caught the girl mixing her urine and blood in a bucket. When she queried the maid, she confessed that she wanted to put the mixture in her children’s water bottle.

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