Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Her Stepmom Hours After Asking For Her Hand In Marriage

A woman’s worst nightmare came true after she caught her boyfriend being unfaithful and even more dreadful when she learned exactly who he had been seeing.

In a TikTok video, Jessica O’Connor, who famously appeared on the reality show “Married at First Sight,” detailed the unusual way she found out that her boyfriend wasn’t being loyal, and how he had cheated on her with a member of her own family.

O’Connor reveals how she caught her boyfriend of four years cheating on her with her stepmother.

In the video, which has boasted over 1.5 million views, O’Connor explained the story behind the affair between her ex-boyfriend and stepmother, sharing that the incident is why she’s been single for so long.

O’Connor said she and her boyfriend of four years had gone out to dinner one night with her father and stepmother, who had been together for 25 years.

The night was going fine, and at the end of the night, they all went back to O’Connor’s dad and stepmom’s house and went to sleep

“I woke up really early in the morning, like 5 a.m., and [her boyfriend] wasn’t in bed,” O’Connor said.

She went downstairs to look for him, and she found him on the sofa with a blanket covering him. Immediately, O’Connor was confused, wondering why he was on the couch and not in bed with her.

O’Connor then ventured into the dining room, where she discovered two empty champagne glasses along with two phones, presumably one belonging to her boyfriend and the other belonging to her stepmother, which she noted was unusual.

She also noticed two of the chairs at the dining table were pulled out as if two people had been sitting and having drinks.

“His clothes were on the floor and her clothes were on the floor,” she continued. “So I went back into the living room and pulled the cover off him, and he tried to get dressed in a rush, and he pulled her knickers up.”

“He literally had her lacy f–king knickers on.”

O’Connor immediately went and got her stepmother out of bed, along with her dad, sharing that the experience was “traumatic” and she had been “screaming like I never screamed before.”

O’Connor’s stepmother attempted to cover up the entire incident by coming up with an excuse.

Her boyfriend left shortly after, and when O’Connor confronted her stepmother about the affair, she attempted to cover it up.

Her stepmother claimed that her boyfriend must’ve grabbed her underwear out of the washing basket in the laundry room by accident.

When O’Connor went to look in the laundry room, she noticed the basket was completely empty and there were no clothes in it, proving that her stepmother was lying.

She also pointed out that the dining table was incredibly dusty since no one used it, and when she looked closely at it, she noticed two sets of handprints on it.

O’Connor didn’t waste any time kicking her boyfriend to the curb, and neither did her dad, who eventually divorced his wife and O’Connor’s stepmom.

However, following the entire debacle, O’Connor explained that her mental health took a serious turn.

“The reason I started going to therapy was because I got so bad with my mental health,” she shared. “It took me a long time to get over it. That’s why I’ve been single for five years.”

The worst part, which O’Connor learned later, was that her boyfriend had actually asked her dad for his blessing to propose that same night.

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