Woman Attack Best Friend For Marrying Her Husband During Wedding Ceremony

A woman has attacked her bestfriend for marrying her husband during their wedding ceremony.

The incident took place in a Northern state in Nigeria recently. During the ceremony, the new bride went to meet the older wife to greet her, as is the custom, and the older wife was expected to welcome her into the family.

However, the first wife was enraged at her best friend for agreeing to become her husband’s second wife, and lunged at her and began hitting her.

It was gathered that the first wife was infuriated by her friend’s betrayal and also because she built with her husband for years.

She reportedly supported him with her inheritance from her father, and the investment made his business successful. They also built houses and bought properties.

When they became very rich and comfortable, the husband decided to take her bestfriend as his second wife.

Due to this, the first wife couldn’t control her anger at the wedding when the new wife came to pay her respects, and attacked her in the presence of their guests.

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