“Why my husband avoid me in church” — Lady shares shocking experience

A woman shares a startling experience regarding why her husband avoids interacting with her at church.

A woman who narrated why her spouse avoids her during church service going rounds on social media.

The woman was the centre of attention throughout the church event since she was dancing so enthusiastically.

Why my husband always avoid me in church — Lady shares experience (Video)

“The main reason why my husband act as if we are strangers inside the church,” she wrote while sharing the photo.

See some reactions that followed below …

@Uncle_Olu_ wrote: “E reach make he act like stranger. In fact, I go carry car comot for car park, make she meet me for next street. Dance like David dance. Dance like David dance. Even the David no dance like this.”

@LifeOfNapaul noted: “😭😭God knows we won’t even enter the same car when going home.”

@LanreAdeola: “I will call my in-laws to attend church service so they’ll understand why I need them to refund part of the brideprice. Dem no tell me say na this kind market I dey buy! 😂.”

@dancoded01“If na me marry this one wahala go too plenty because them for they us werey couple because this woman is the female version of me.”


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