Whitemoney Break Down In Tears as He Apologises To Doyin, Victoria Inyama

Whitemoney had shared what seemed to be an inspirational video where he said “no woman is out of a man’s league as long as he has money.”

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama expressed disgust over WhiteMoney’s remark, accusing him of projecting his disgust for his mother by generalizing all of them by the “kind” of woman who raised him.

In his response, Whitemoney rained insults on Inyama for involving his mother in the conversation, stressing that if she didn’t understand what he meant, she should have quietly scrolled.

Whitemoney, who was recently featured on The Honest Bunch podcast hosted by actor, Nedu, also clashed online with his colleague, Doyin, after he claimed that ladies don’t fancy broke men, citing Doyin as an example.

He claimed that the females who participated in the BBNaija show begged him to introduce them to his brands and business partners, which he alleged to be a means of seeking his support for ‘hookups’.

In a surprising development, Whitemoney tendered a heartfelt apology to Doyin, Victoria Inyama, and every other woman who was offended by his statements.

The reality star said he never meant to sound demeaning in the video which he claimed was meant to motivate guys. He however added that he should have clarified by saying ‘some women’ instead of all women.

He explained further that he had already apologized to Victoria Inyama and she also apologized for insulting his mother. He then went ahead to address the comments he made about Doyin on the podcast.

According to him, he is sure Doyin only watched the snippets that went viral online and not the full video which was over an hour long. He however noted that even if she did and was offended by his comments, he is genuinely sorry.

White Money made it known that he will never talk down on women because he was raised by them and they are a big part of his career.

He said, “I will never slander women, I will never talk bad against women, I was raised by women, I love women, my team is filled with women, and I don’t have anything against women.

“Women have been a major part of my career and I appreciate every single woman in my life that I’ve come across and yet to come across.

“So I’m sorry to all the woman who feel insulted, I didn’t mean to insult anybody intentionally, I’m not above mistakes, I’m not perfect, thank you very much, let love lead.”

Watch the video below:

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