While home for a three-month break, the student’s school room was wrecked by termites, to her profound regret.

She used Twitter to post images of the horrific scene she encountered after a three-month absence.

A girl from Uganda named Martha has expressed vehement displeasure about the destruction of her stuff in her dorm room by termites.

The tragedy has left Martha heartbroken, and she took to Twitter to share pictures of the horrific scene she encountered when she went back to school after a three-month hiatus.

She claimed that she had spent the past three months at home since Uganda’s schools were temporarily closed in order to stop the spread of the Ebola virus.

Sadly, termites invaded her chamber and destroyed the majority of her belongings and paperwork, leaving a filthy heap.

The woman shared the images and stated that she was sick of having to be strong after recently having an accident.

“Some situations are so triggering, you start piling up every single thing then cry, cry, cry,” she tweeted.

See the disturbing pictures below,

See her tweets and replies below,

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