When introducing a newborn with an odd label, the lady raises a commotion by saying, “Chilling with his ‘cnm'”

The contentious tweet drew a range of responses online, with some criticizing the woman for using a derogatory term to describe the child.

A young woman’s introduction of a newborn baby on the microblogging site Twitter has generated a lot of controversy.

The woman, who goes by the handle @ruets4, tweeted a picture of herself holding a newborn with a sexually suggestive comment that many people felt was inappropriate for the infant and its father.

The young woman’s caption for the image, which went viral and received hundreds of replies, read “Chilling with his cum.”

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The contentious tweet received a range of responses online. Some people chastised the woman for using a derogatory term to describe the child, while others praised her sense of humor.

“This is the wildest mother and baby caption I’ve ever seen,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, “So this woman just out of nowhere decides to insult and downgrade a child to ‘cum’ for a few clicks and no one sees a problem. You shold be ashamed and that young soul deserves a better mother.”

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