What does this mean? The only item left standing after a shop is completely destroyed by fire is a painting of Peter Obi in Nigeria.

The claimed strange occurrence is said to have occurred just one week before the Saturday, February 25, presidential election.

A Nigerian man described how a fire destroyed everything in his shop, but for a painting of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party.

The artist displayed Peter Obi’s painting, which was spared in the fire that burned other portraits in his shop, along with a video of the incident’s aftermath.

The shop’s proprietor, who was speechless after the occurrence, was overheard saying,

“Omo God is faithful, see shop this morning, out of everything that was in this shop, this was the only picture that was revived. Everything single thing was burnt down except this picture.”

The reported unexplained occurrence is said to have occurred just over a week before the presidential election on Saturday, February 25, and it has generated a lot of discussion on social media.

@mikoly96 wrote, “Omo na Big sign oooo, TB Joshua has said it already, that a leader from an Unknown party will emerge the position of the presidency and it shall come to pass AMEN”

@exceptional_iphie wrote, “God don dey tell una oooo, Obey ooo, be OBIDIENT …… make wetin do Egypt no do us…..”

 wrote, “Y’all shouldn’t idolize this man. Abiola was treated like a god and he declared himself President, he lost his life at the end.”

@abulo_fx wrote, “When a Man Carries Grace.. Men Don’t See Him Coming.. Only Spirits Recognize Him.! Jesus I know.. Who Are You.!?… Vote Peter Obi For President #2023election”

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