Wedding guest captured touching bride erroneously at her church wedding 

Instead of giving the bride an embrace like the other guests did, one female guest was caught caressing the bride’s crotch.

On social media, a video showing the unseemly touch of a bride by a wedding guest during her religious wedding has gone viral.

According to reports, the incident occurred lately in Enugu-Ukwu, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra state, and it has caused sincere concern among online users.

Following the Holy Matrimony, the newlyweds stood at the altar while their wedding guests approached to give them one hug after another.

In contrast to how other guests hugged the bride, one female guest was seen on camera groping the bride’s crotch.

The footage has raised concerns from social media users who questioned why the woman felt the need to touch the bride in her intimate area of all places, even though it’s unclear if she did it carelessly or not.

See how some people responded below,

@shugaadaeze wrote, “She just touched her private part,only God know what it means but must be a very bad spell. They should show the the bride this video and do something immediately”

@dr_graceijoma wrote, “Her family should call that woman in for questions and hand their daughter to her… If anything happens to her they must hold her accountable… Its definitely diabolical”

@muditayo wrote, “Can they stop hugging the couples in weddings pls. This is where a lot of evil things are done against the couples”

@favourmynne wrote, “That was intentional and should be taken seriously… why touch the bride’s precious area… evil intentional”

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