‘We All Love Attention’ – Woman With Two Husbands Speaks On How She Met Her Second Hubby

Carl and Tiger are both husbands to Kenya who loves being in multiple relationships and is seeking more men.

Kenya, and her first husband Carl, were married for 12 years before they decided to introduce Tiger to their marriage.

According to Kenya, one-half of her likes being philosophical and spiritual and she gets that from Carl while the other loves thrill-seeking and she gets that from Tiger

As some women are still seeking a handsome knight in shining armour to sweep them off their feet, Kenya already boasts of two men of her own.

“Carl and I decided that I was going to have multiple partners because I had met and fallen for another guy, said Kenya.

“We decided to talk about it, wondering what to do, how do we go about it?” asked Carl.

The talk started a two-year journey of just discussing things.

“We discussed it for a number of years and came to an understanding about feminine expressions, you realise you have to allow women to express themselves and be free,” said Carl.

Kenya and Tiger met at a Halloween party and started dancing and Tiger decided to pursue her.

“I am super multifaceted, it feels like Carl fits one-half of who I am; philosophical, spiritual and we have these deep conversations and the other part is thrill-seeking, excitement, travelling and that is where Tiger fits. I’m both of those people, I like to have multi partnerships,” said Kenya on

The three are apparently all trailblazers in their own way, and they support each other.

“I am so ready to support Tiger and Kenya whenever they need it in their relationship or anything else,” said Carl.

According to Tiger, many people wonder why a man would have another gentleman in their house but they are okay with it as they perceive it as a good thing.

“It’s fun, we all love attention and energy,” said Kenya.

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