VIDEO: UK-based Nigerian Man Reportedly Loses His Cat-care Job After a Video of Him Bragging About K!lling Cats Back Home Went Viral

A Nigerian man residing in the UK has allegedly been fired from his job as a cat caregiver after a video of him making a statement about killing cats in Nigeria went viral online.

A few weeks ago, the young man shared a video discussing the stark differences between life in Nigeria and the UK. In the video, he highlighted the prevalent belief in Nigeria that cats are associated with witchcraft, while in the UK, people keep cats as pets.

He also disclosed that he had previously killed a lot of cats back in Nigeria, contrasting with his current role of being paid 100 pounds per hour to take care of a cat in the European country.

He added that his experience living in Nigeria had negatively influenced his outlook on life, until he relocated abroad.

The video quickly went viral at the time, with many shocked by the amount he was being paid to care for a cat.

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To take care of cat one hour na hundred pound

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Well, in a new update, the young man claims he has been dismissed from his job because of the video.

Accoridng to him, he doesn’t know how his employer got wind of the video, as he was recently handed a termination letter.

The employer reportedly cited concerns for the safety of their cat as the reason for the dismissal.

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