Video of me accused of stealing phone by record label makes me sad — Portable

Portable expresses sadness at the mistreatment he endured at his former record label, where he was paraded and accused of stealing a phone, while he fights for justice in the death of Mohbad.

You might remember that shortly after Portable became famous, a video of him being paraded naked went viral online.

Even though Portable provided a counter-narrative claiming that he was framed after announcing his decision to leave the record label, the Zazuu crooner was supposedly charged with stealing a phone by his previous record firm.

Portable made a passing reference to his own past victimization as she reflected on the assaults endured by the late 27-year-old Mohbad at the hands of Marlian Music.

Una see my naked video online wey record label do me, them say i thief phone for this industry. You must do something before you become something. ARTISTS WEY NEVER BLOW COME DEY THANK GOD FOR LIFE. Why Anytime this video comes up I feel sad,” he wrote.

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