VIDEO: Angry Youths Brutalize Man For Shouting ‘Vote APC’ in Fuel Queue at Filling Station

A man has found himself lucky to survive after he reportedly chanting ‘Vote APC’ at a fuel queue in a filling station and found himself attacked by some angry youths.

In a video shared online, the man could be seen fleeing as the youths crowded him and began to to beat him for his utterance.

The youths seem to expressed frustration at the situation of things and took it out on the unlucky man who took the opportunity to campaign for his favorite party.

Recall, the APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu had alluded that some within the party and government were putting Nigerians through hardship to hurt his chances at the polls.

The queues have persisted throughout last year and have continued into 2023 despite days to the election.

Watch video below

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