Victor Asemota, a tech entrepreneur, tells the story of a bride-to-be who visited her married partner for one more “mekwe” before her wedding.

He asserted that the future wife traded her side nigga for a cash wedding gift.

Osaretin Victor Asemota, a tech entrepreneur, described how a prospective bride had an affair with her fiancé before their wedding.

The Nigerian bride-to-be visited her married boyfriend for one more “mekewe” before her traditional and white wedding, according to Asemota, who revealed this over the weekend on Twitter.

Asemota alleged that the bride-to-be slept with her side nigga in exchange for a monetary wedding gift and that the episode was his strangest encounter in Nigeria.

Even worse, he implied that the lady’s sister-in-law knew about the conversation and even accompanied her to the side-nigga.

In a series of tweets, he wrote,

“One of my weirdest experiences in Nigeria was a lady getting married and coming to her (already married) boyfriend for one last Mekwe between her traditional wedding and white wedding. This was to get a cash “wedding gift.” Dude was also sad to let her go. I was totally confused.

What was even more confusing was that she came with the sister of the guy she was getting married to who was her friend and fully aware of the entire “transaction.”

I gave up all understanding at that point.

Nigerians are weird.

The “low trust” in Nigeria is because everyone knows what they are also capable of doing to the next person without inhibitions.

It is why we fear juju more than the law.”

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