“Valentine Breakfast”: Lady Collapses to the Floor, Cries Uncontrollably as Relationship Ends, Video Trends

On social media, comments on a video of a young woman sobbing after her romance ended have gone viral.

The woman, who was wearing grey sweatshirt and black track pants, was seen lying down on the ground in the depressing footage.

She spoke incoherently for the most part, but this was a reflection of the intense hurt she was feeling after her relationship abruptly ended.

Her friends sat with her and did their best to comfort her. Some of them stroked her chest and offered words of comfort, while others urged her to stop sobbing and get up off the hard floor.

The heartbroken woman cursed “guys” while sharing the video on TikTok and revealed that her relationship had terminated.

Watch the video below


Social media reactions

@maggymaina1 said:


@user9178361500316 commented:

“At first I thought she was in spirit speaking in Tongues.”

@buttercup7672 wrote:


@lornahkigani wrote:

“Welcome to heartbreak empowerment.”

@cyrusomahmaundu1 said in non-English:

“nilifanyiwa hivyo buh nikajipeah morale sister.”

@wanjiruchege2 wrote:

“I know the pain I have been there.”

@jarden_8 wrote:

“If she can’t love me like this I don’t want it.”

@phirie364 said:

“How do you love someone to such an extent.”

@cellashi said:

“Ama niule mwenye anasemanga today I cooked for my husband.”

@lilianjay6 commented:

“Love is a scam. Can’t even dare to love originally. I’ll come to you with duplicate not me dying coz of a man never!!”

@jolie said:

It’s just funny how people are in love coz shieeeeet!!”

@traxiecloset46 said:

“I have experience this I know how it feel after been loyal to someone otherwise love is a scam take heart.”

@nelliemurrei said:

“Did she die?”

@elizah285 wrote:

“Haki mpenzi mtazamaji who does that?”

@hance7deprince said:

“Third party emotional damage.”

@gaveriah commented:

“Am watching from Men conference bathroom…. We are going to Promote that man in 30 Minutes.”

@patiebeibi said:

“Can never be me! Tufiya!”

@jamieyusuf256 said:

“Eeeeeeh Eeeeeeh Eeeeeeh my lord I wonder OO.”

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