US-based lady in search of Nigerian baby papa.

Wanted ! Wanted !! Wanted !!! a woman by the name Khaliah is urgently searchng for her child’s baby papa. The alleged offender s a Nigerian man identified as Prince Solomon who got her pregnant two years ago.

According to her, she met the man on a dating site, hung out in Buckhead Atlanta, had sex and then lost contact. This is her post:

”Hello my name is khaliah and I live in Atlanta. Almost 2 years ago, I hooked up with this man. We lost contact and I know he is somewhere. My child is growing older and needs his father. Please help me find him, this is not his real name and he doesn’t know anything about his son. I have no idea where to find this man please help by just posting.

I met this man on a dating site and we hooked up a few times in Buckhead Atlanta. I named my baby boy Karter” she wrote in a mail sent to LIB, she wrote.

She says she is sure the man is a Yoruba man.

Please all my Yoruba people, help us check whether na your village man for una get child for obodo Oyinbo.

All yahoo boys please don’t respond and clam to be the uncle of the poor child biko.

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