Until the night of my wedding, I won’t have another coitus. Shola Subair, an actress

Shola said that she is not ready to have children and that she will not engage in sexual activity until she is married.

After having a pregnancy scare, Yorubahood actress Shola Subair determined to wait till her wedding night before engaging in any sexual activity.

Shola shared on her Instagram page that she recently fell really ill and was afraid to find out she was pregnant.

She claimed that due of the intensity of her condition, she nearly developed hypertension because she thought she was displaying signs of an impending pregnancy.

She was relieved to learn that she was not pregnant and that her illness was not severe when her monthly period started this morning.

Shola claimed that she will not engage in sexual activity until she is married since she is not prepared to produce children after the unsettling experience.

She wrote,

“I no wan knack again seh… till wedding night, emaba temi jeh !!! Na me knw wetin my eyes see,, this UK cold sef com worsen the matter for me… Eyin fans mi. Rejoice with me ooo. I no get Belle o. Na UK cold Mk me fall sick o  thanks for the love in my DM oo I’m coming bk. Mk I quickly go take care of my skin and look dope again. Moun boh ”

See her post below,

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