A certain video has been making rounds on the internet. The video has gotten alot of people talking. The video depicted  two curvy slay Queens Twerking vigorously to a song which has definitely caused a stir online with their shapes sand Abs. Alot of Nigerians took to their handle to express their displeasure over such a display.

The twerking video of two thick and beautiful slay queens sparked argument on-line as the one in blue causes a stir with her abs.
Some claim her abs were surgically enhanced while others think she got it natural. Watch Video below;View this post on Instagram


See the girl on blue, she even get 6 packs. @thepopcornroomtv

A post shared by Tunde Ednut (@tundeednut) on May 18, 2019 at 10:02am PDT

Taking to their social media handles some Nigerians out-rightly condemned what both ladies were caught doing.This goes a long way to show how badly our morality has degenerated as they were encourage the duo instead of chiding them.

See photos as they wow social media users with their dance moves and twerking.

Some of the reactions below; kandi wrote ; What’s wrong with all these girls? ”What’s sorta display of madness is this.. don’t they have parents. With this level immorality being displayed on social media these days, I can’t help but pity the next generation.”

Muyiwaipere wrote; ”If this people keep corrupting the mind of our next generation.  Then what’s our hope? I think we need to curb this immorality in disguise of entertainment”

Diamond wrote; ”The bumbum be look water inside fufu nylon w ey breeze they blow…that girl really mean business..1m no be chinchin money na…if she just look ma side I go …. the hell out of that her money nylon factor”

Ola wrote; ”So sad how the society has degenerated…..can’t we have a challenge that will bring out the brillance or innovative ideas in youth instead of encouraging something as repulsive as this”

Brandmuse wrote; ”O Lord pls can u blow this trumpet…alot of wired things happening that are sour to the eyes”

Adeshola wrote;” We don’t even know what’s real anymore, Fake hair Fake eyelashes Fake teeth Fake nose Fake fingernails Fake butts Fake breasts Fake hips Fake abs Infact fake world.”

KingLennon wote;  ”They just want to trend no mind them. Pls lets stop giving unnecessary things attention”

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