Traditional Wedding Called Off Because Salt Wasn’t Added To Bride Price

There was confusion and chaos at a traditional wedding as it failed to go on as scheduled over some issues

A man who was billed to cover the event narrated that the wedding was scattered over maggi and two crates of malt

According to him, a group was displeased that these things were not added to the bride price and hence refused to give support

A TikTok video from the venue of the occasion showed that things were set but people were in disarray.

A man who gave a report about the wedding said that he was supposed to cover the occasion but that may not happen as it has scattered.

He said that the bride was supposed to appear before people three times but the misunderstanding began before her first appearance.

The man narrated that a group claimed that they were not going to accept what they were given because maggi and two crates of malt were not added to the bride price. They accused the family of making away with these items.

According to the narrator, the groom already took off.

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