2019 must be the year of savagery, especially for our Nigerian celebrities, they’ve been giving it to trolls back to back. Tonto Dikeh especially in this month of May, has been very generous with her opinions on a lot of issues and she’s giving us no signs of slowing down. From her estranged husband to calling out her colleagues, seems everyone’s had a fair share of the actress’s controversy and more recently, today she directs her anger at her fans or non-fans.

Tonto Dikeh outs IG users

The mother of one took to her Instagram page, to  blast her fans who have been begging her for money, and not just begging her for the money, but feeling entitled to the money they request for. She says she’s also fans of other celebrities and she’s not as entitled as they are.

See her post below,

This might come as a shock to some of her fans, in fact, a lot of her fans, especially because recently the actress, blessed one of her social media trolls with a financial gift. The individual who had been a pain in her neck was given N50k by the actress – This generous and unexpected deed done by the celebrity caught the attention of her fans.

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Recently, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh gifted a social media troll N50,000. As shown in a screenshot shared by the screen diva, the Instagram ‘bully’ begged the celebrity for money. Upon stumbling on the comment, Tonto taunted the individual for asking for money despite all the insults he or she regularly hurled at her.

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Then, she asked the person to send an account number. When Tonto sent the money, the troll extended her appreciation to the actress. See the dialogue below:

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Many fans reacted to what Tonto Dikeh did for this troll. See some of the reactions below:

mbabylast: “I love your heart, honestly I felt stupid for insulting you too, but I just realized how cool and cute your heart is, the truth is no one really understands you, no one care to reason with you, no one knows the pain you pass through, no one knows what it feels like, all the society do is Condemn instead of giving you a listening ear, you’re a strong woman may God bless you and give you all the happiness you lost,I love you.”

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bae77198: “How do people do it? Insult someone and stil beg the same person? Na wa o.”

vanessa_stinko: “Saw you y’day and you are a complete different person from what social media makes you looks like. You simple, a mother and a sweet heart.”

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socrazykool: “Nigerians hate you until you give them money . Then they still hate you but stop being too loud about it.”

nuhuasabe: “Wow! 50k for always insulting u. U have a good heart.”

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