Tonto Dikeh gifts N50k to a troll who begged her for money despite repeatedly insulting her on social media. POSTED BY LAWRENCE A. ON MAY 21, 2019

Nollywood big girl, Tonto Dikeh recently gave the sum of N50, 000 to a man who was renowned for insulting her on various online platforms.

Apparently, the man had come under her comment section to beg her for money to feed his family. Tonto then reminded him of how he goes on various Instagram pages to insult her and ended up coming on her page to beg for money.

Tonto however said that she was only giving him money because of his children who he said were hungry and needed to eat.

Speaking further via her caption, she justified her generous act ;

God did not bless me for me, Your hate wouldn’t stop me from my lifestyling (Helping and saving souls)!!!

I will give you and keep getting blessed, you keep cursing and begging, he said small money i gave him just 50k.

This is not to embarassa you but to teach you life’s lesson.

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