To make my ass bigger, I’m getting ready for another liposuction, says Bobrisky.

Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, a popular Nigerian male cross-dresser and emerging female, has informed to his thronging admirers that she will be having an under-the-knife procedure in an effort to have a bigger bottom.

In a message on his snapchat account, Bobrisky announced this and mentioned that his surgery will prevent him from being online for a bit.

Read his post below;

Morning guys, sorry i wasn’t online here yesterday.

My surgery date is getting closer so i am preparing myself. I am going in for another liposuction to make my ass and hips wider and also put a nicer silicone in my boobs.

The man who recently posted an alarm because he admired the crossdresser’s photos received a response from the transgender person.

Alexander, a young man, expressed disbelief last night, January 20, when Bobrisky suddenly appeared in his Instagram alerts and began liking all of his photos.

He wrote below:

“If i like your picture on Instagram and you read meaning to it go and wash ur brain cos it’s dirty.
Instagram is a social platform where you like pictures and videos without having nothing in mind.
I won’t stop liking pictures and video on gram if they are nice because of some he goat that read meaning to everything..
You can’t even read meaning to anything especially when you are BROKE cos i don’t like broke men.

I swear…. As him see my like mumu he should have use that one to enter me to post him on my page for free business deal. How i wan take like tailor

Them get money?” he continued.

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